Everything you wanted about Telecom Scam

The 2G license scam by A. Raja has attracted entire nations attention. Not many Indians would understand what is 2G and what is spectrum, but certainly the figures used by media “1.7lakh crores” is sure to attract a lot of eyeballs.

This scam is also different from other scams. When it comes to all other scams the paragon of virtue Dr. Manmohan Singh would pretend that he knew nothing of it and he was just a victim. That trick worked well for him until now. With 2G scam everyone is now questioning prime ministers role in letting Raja lose.

The way in which Raja carried out this scam is simply stupid. As I observed before, the scam is not at all about 1.7Lakh crores. It is about complete lack of fairness in the spectrum allocation process.

Please watch Arun Shourie talking about this scam in the NDTV interview with Shekhar Gupta.

Here is link from Medianama providing extensive documents which includes

1. CAG report

2. Openthemagazine X-Tapes

3. List of spectrum allocation, circle-wise and company wise.

4. A huge collection of Facebook and Twitter by journalists like Barakha Dutt.

5. NDTV’s official response.



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