Panchatantra Story 4 : The wise, the fool and cow-dung

After a long time Karataka had bath, he just loved to dry himself up in the afternoon sun after the bath. Damanaka watched him with contempt. The contempt probably sprung from the fact that Damanaka had sensed some other question coming up from Karataka.

Damanaka’s suspicion was true. Karataka opened his mouth to ask yet another question.

“Who do you think killed Karkare?”

Damanaka dint bother to reply. He kept silent.

I mean yes apparently he was killed by Kasab but in the light of Digvijay Singh’s comments can it be true that the Hindus killed him ? I mean do we have any evidence to disapprove Digvijay’s theory ?Why arent you answering me Damanaka? Dont you want to answer me  ?Karataka was clearly annoyed with unresponsive Damanaka.

Karataka will you please shut up. This is not a question that deserves answering. I will avoid the rhetoric and turn to a story that you might find interesting. You might be flattered to know that I find you behaving like the wise man in the story.

Damanaka went ahead with his story.

Once upon a time a wise man and fool happened to travel together through a dusty path.  As they were walking both of them happened to step in cow-dung. While the wise man was very upset the fool kept on walking without any signs of disappointment.

The wise man however was disturbed not just with himself but also with the fool. He said to the fool, “Dear friend don’t you think we should clean up our leg before we move on? We have stepped in cow dung”.

Have I ? said the fool looking at his own feet.-Fool

Oh thats just some mud. Said the fool.

Oh no it’s cow dung. Come on look at the color. Teh wise man tried to convince.

The fool posed for a moment and said. You dont have conclusive proof for the same. You are biased. You are trying to deceive me. Please prove it first that it’s cow dung and not merely mud.

The wise man was confused. Even though he could clearly see it was cow-dung, he bent over touched it and tried to smell his finger. In the process the dung fell on his nose too.

The fool still refused that it was cow-dung.

So my dear friend Karataka. You don’t have to answer every question asked by everyone. Else you will end up being like wise man doing foolish thing. Something should be sent directly to garbage.

Karataka seemed convinced.



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