New Decade, New philosophy of life

I don’t really believe in new years. Nothing but a calender changes with a new year. In my opinion it would have been better if we could just get rid of this concept of time keeping. We simply name the days as numbers. It will be much simpler to implement date validations in web applications that way. 😛

But nevertheless I thought this is a good opportunity to have a look at the last decade and try to see what went wrong/good for me and make plans for future. Making plans is something I am really good at. I have made several plans. However I am really bad at implementing them.

This year onwards I plan to change a few things.

1. Instead of keep up till late night now I will sleep early and get up early. I have realized that, that way I get more rest and also I end up utilizing my time in a better way. Thanks to my diary keeping habits I now posses a very extensive statistics about my productivity.

2. Less work more value addition. One should not work ‘harder’ or for ‘long hours’ to earn more money. Instead the better way is to work for less time but adding more value. This is what generally called “promotion” at a work place. In my life I am yet to figure out how this can be achieved and I will post more about this in future.

3. Work on body. Last year was very satisfying in terms of my body-building goals. I learned a lot about body, muscles and nutrition. I worked out and experimented around my own body weight and the results were fascinating. I managed to increase my weight by whooping 9 Kgs and then reduce it back by 5 Kgs.

Things that will not change:

In Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s words “I want to assure everyone that social relations will continue to baffle and repulse me.”

2 thoughts on “New Decade, New philosophy of life

  1. For me, no. 1 and 3 are the things I want to change this year hopefully!
    No. 2 would be required to be instilled going up the ladder.

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