The movie I am waiting for

” चष्मिष्ट आणि घासू मुलांमुळे देश पुढे जात नाही तो अशा मुलां मुले जातो ”  — One character referring to two rebellious students.

I had previously blogged about a classic Marathi book Shaalaa ( School). Written in first person, it was memories of a schoolboy about his school life in a particular year. The best thing about childhood is that our frame of reference keeps on changing with time, that makes the experiences very interesting. As we grow up we can never look at life with that kind of constantly changing references, we become more rigid in our outlook and notions.

“त्या दिवशी मला कळल कि शाळेची मजा कशात आहे ते. वर्ग आहेत,बांक आहेत,पोरपोरी आहेत, सर् आहेत, गणित आहे, भूगोल आहे , नागरिकशास्त्र सुद्धा; पण आपण त्यात कशातच नाही. आपण त्या गायीच्या पाठीवर बसणार्या पांढर्या पक्ष्यां सारखे मुक्त आहोत. ह्यांच्या शाळेत बसलेलो असलो तरी आपल्या मनात एक वेगळीच शाळा भरते, खास एकट्याचीच. त्या शाळेला वर्ग नाहीत, भिंती नाहीत, फळा नाही, शिक्षक नाहीत; पण त्यातल शिकण मात्र सुंदर आहे.”. [From my previous post]

When my friend told me that a movie based on this book is releasing I was quite upset. I thought just the way Amir Khan presented Five Pointsomeone in a different way I thought Shaalaa too will be presented in a way that wouldnt go anywhere close to the central theme of the book. Now I will call that a prejudice.

However my opinion changed when I saw the trailer. I liked the music. I am pretty certain that that this movie will do a better approximation of the book.

How often do we forget that Indian Cinema was started by a Marathi manoos Dadasaheb Falke. The movie industry flourished in Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai. But the popular heroes of Marathi cinema such as Laxmikant Berde could not get a role better than that of a servant in Maine Pyar Kiya.

The trend however is changing. Harishchandrachi Factory was a beautiful movie so was Natarang. I hope Shaalaa to leaves a mark.

2 thoughts on “The movie I am waiting for

  1. Agreeing with u. Yes ! The trend is changing …..

    मराठी सिनेमा ब-यापैकी सुधारली आहे.

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