Screencasting Software

I was supposed to put in place a SVN server for the students of our lab course (Embedded Systems and Robotics).  Generally, the course involved students doing a project and submitting word documents and zipped code files on the internal moodle.

Creating documents is something students are not good at. Either the documents are too short and do not contain sufficient information or are too big with lots of copy pasted paragraphs that don’t make sense. I thought that building an online Project Management console would be a nice idea. It can be very simple initially and can evolve with time.

I thought of integrating SVN with this system.  I would have preferred GIT but then windows has a very poor GIT support. This has turned out be our GitHub like application.

After doing all this I was supposed to make presentations to the class about its use. Since there are two batches I had to make the same presentation twice. I thought of converting my presentations into a series of screen-castes.

I did a quick survey of various available Screencasting software. I had heard a lot about CamStudio and had used it in past as well but I find it very tacky and unpolished software. The winner however for me was Microsoft Expression Encoder 3.

It has a very good interface and after capture editing features. It is tightly integrated with windows which means it give you some features which no other software can give you. It can snap the capture area only to open window, or only to the workspace etc.

The feature I needed desperately was to add voice after recording the screen-cast. It is much simpler to add your voice to the video after you have properly captured all the action.

I will post the screen-castes in the next posts.

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