Quality if time permits

Software quality is directly proportional to time taken. But who gets to decide how much time it should take it to develop? Ideally its the market. Market dictates when the product should be out. Hence the developers get pressed to bring the release as fast as possible. Eventually people start noticing the bugs in the system and the developers are blamed.

These are not my words of wisdom. It comes from “Peopleware” book.

Here is the verbatim.

Managers jeopardize product quality by setting unreachable deadlines because they think that might increase productivity. Hard-nosed managers feel that quality is like chocolate sauce on a sundae, more for those who want more, that the market doesn’t care that much about quality and just wants to see the product in their hands. There is natural conflict because users sense of acceptable quality is usually significantly lower than the builders. Allowing the standard of quality to be set by buyer instead of builder is termed flight from excellence. It makes good sense only if you ignore the effect on the builder’s attitude and effectiveness, it costs more in the long run.

You can read the whole book online here. This book is highly recommended to those in the software business.

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