Great trip to Malvan

Malavan is a small port town of Konkan Maharshtra. Famous for it’s wide choice of cuisine, pristine beaches and Sindhudurga (literally meaning Fort of Sea) island fort.

I had been there in the month of May in 2010. However thanks to the enthusiastic friends and ex-colleagues from Persistent I got an opportunity to go their again.

I also tried out navigation with GPS and got our-self onto some pretty rough roads. We roamed around the fort, had a swim in sea water and best of all we drove almost blindly back to goa through secluded inner road of rural Maharashtra. The best part of trip was when we reached a very deadly untarred road and we had no clue of what lies ahead. The slope was so steep that we could not see if there was a road ahead or not.

Sheldon’s car had ACTS 16:31 written on it. Which actually means “Have faith in lord Jesus and he will protect you and your household”. For us it was have faith in Google and … it may or may not work.  But that’s what made our journey interesting.

Waiting for the next picnic now.

One thought on “Great trip to Malvan

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