What it takes to stand up and fight

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What can a man outside government do for improving governance? Surely this question can open a Pandora’s box. It is more like taking on a force that is unstoppable even if you are immovable object you dont know what the end result will be.

B. Shantanu’s Satyamev jayate is a blog I follow regularly. I was moved by the Prahlad’s story he wrote a couple of days back. It involves how Prahlad Pandey fought against the odds to stop the malpractice in Indian Railways.

Please read this post in it’s entirety I am quoting part for the sake of reference.

While I was standing on the platform, I saw a woman in her late thirties almost running from one coach to another to board in. She had two children with her. She was holding one’s arm and the other one was on her shoulder. She had two bags. She was running to board in. Having seen her in trouble, I felt pity for her and anger for the men on the gates of the coaches. I stopped the woman and asked her to go in the coach. The man objected. I argued. The women moved to another coach perhaps seeing no immediate result in the fear of missing the train. I saw another person coming and told him that there was no reserved coach in the train, and if he wanted to go in the train he could. The man on the gate and another one on the first window threatened me that they will beat me if I continued my social service. He abused me. I warned them to report to the police. They come towards me to beat and said even police will do nothing to them as they are daily commuters. I ran away from there.

After Prahlad decided to lodge an FIR.

decided to spend the night on the dusty bench at the railway police station because I wanted to put myself in the shoes of a poor man who wants to fight against the system. I wanted to see how difficult it could be for 400 million Indians who earn less than a dollar per day and could not afford a lodge not to talk of Hotel. I had my relatives in Jabalpur also. I also wanted to seethe empathic behavior of police. And most importantly, I had promised myself not to move from the police station, not to drink water and not to have food until the culprits are arrested. I was also determined, if needed, to sit on hunger strike for indefinite time.  I spent the night with lot of experiences. I witnessed how police-men beat accused in custody. It terrified me a little. Spending a night on the bench at a police station was really a good experience.

We don’t know if the Prahlad’s efforts will bring any big difference to society in general for that matter we cant be sure that the malpractice against which he has fought will stop henceforth. But if we have more and more people like Prahlad  around us, we can be sure that we will be building a strong resistance to the nincompoop like those who stopped Prahlad from entering the railway coach.

We get bullied not because we are weak but we fail constantly to raise our voice and assert our rights. Yes, we are not Prabhuji from Gunda who can beat villains to pulp with bare hands but we aren’t Bulla’s impotent brother Chutiya.


One thought on “What it takes to stand up and fight

  1. I traveled by the same same train on February 12, 2011. There was nobody stopping people to board. I can say with confidence that the action taken by me brought relief to thousands of passengers.

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