Startup Matrices

Matrices is may favorite subtopic when it comes to software engineering or project management. But I always thought of matrices as something that measures progress and health of a project, additionally it also helps you collect a lot of meta-data for capacity planning.

Recently I tried to get myself started with some mathematics that goes behind startup creation and valuation and I stumbled upon the term “startup matrices”. One get just Google the term to see the videos and presentations.

We build stuff for a particular purpose but invariably end up using it for many other things. As the time passes people go on demanding more and more. The existing cellular networks were built for voice (9-18kbps) and today we want the same thing to deliver live video feeds and preferably in HD.

Same thing is true with ideas that we build. We give things to users which we believe they will like , and sometimes we are so correct. But users don’t stop there. They want more and more and still little more.

Designing matrices is an art. But just like in art there are principles that one needs to follow. In the video below Dave describes the AARRR matrices. It makes sense.

Now I need to start thinking how these things are to be implemented.


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