Yahoo Theater

I had first laid my hands on Javascript in 2001 that is 10 years back. Though the language is not different the way it was used was completely different. AJAX was something we had heard but not a common thing.

Writing something like a rich text editor was an achievement. People took VBScript seriously and many knew the difference between JScript and Javascript. Also, most of the tutorials on the internet suggested that enclosing the script tag inside <!– –> (HTML comments) was a best practice.

We would visit websites like jsworld, codeproject, dynamic drive and use free hostign services like AngelFire and so on to host webpages that will keep “cool” effects like a butterfly following the mouse cursor.

Today for most of the web developers javascript is all about jQuery or Extjs. Its about selectors and AJAX.

Talking to some friends in the industry, I realize that none of the companies take JavaScript seriously. For most of them its like a toy language that only enables minor animations here an there.

A lot of this ignorance is due to the ill formed processes in most of the organizations. I will write more about these processes in due course of time.

Even I had not realized that Javascript is a lambda language, in a way it can be called a functional programming language.  It is a language where parent functions variables can be accessible to a child method even after the parent method has returned. (Called closure property).

It is never late to go back to basics and get them right, in my opinion any web developer who writes JavaScript code for even a small part must learn a few basics.

The best tutorial about JavaScript (and real quick one) I feel is available on Yahoo Theater. Douglas Cockford’s 5 part series on Javascript, although I will strongly recommend his lectures on Dom Theory and Advnced Javascript as well to all.


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