Dr. Pramath Sinha’s talk

Dr. Pramath Sinha was in campus yesterday. He is famous because he was the founding dean of Indian School of Business. For the uninitiated , ISB is raked 13th among the top Business Schools in the world. Not that it has left behind all the IIMs as well.

When a student asked Dr. Sinha how did they managed this he said

To be the best you have to partner with the best. That is why we partnered with Wharton and Kellogg. We also need the best faculty and because we don’t have it in India we get them from abroad. We pay them the big bucks and get them here. It is a myth that there is an “India price and American price” the best things always have one price that’s the high price.

What I liked about him was that his candid nature. He was here to promote the Young India Fellowship program where they will pick 50 exceptionally talented undergraduates and nurture them to become the future leaders in their respective field.

I was upset about the education I received in IIT-Kharagpur. It was pathetic and I was greatly disappointed. It made me feel as if I was  dumb. The first quiz I got 0 and every one looked at me with expressions “iska toh kuch nahi ho sakata”. When I joined UPenn, it was a completely different experience. My guide said I was brilliant.

He said

IITs are what they are because of the brilliant students not because of the infrastructure or the faculty.

That sort of claim offends a many here in the campus.


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