Panaji Municipal elections

Panaji is a city where I have spent around 6 years and many of my cherished memories are associated with the city.

Panaji city is a city of grounds, beaches and gardens. It has also got this beautiful Altinho platue which is home to many important institutions.

I request all the people to vote for honest candidates who will be concerned with good development without any  political vendetta.

Development is not about a minister having a wide road for his home, neither it means a minister using his power to help his supporters children secure good marks in exams.

I feel there are few questions that citizens of panaji must ask themselves

1. Who can ensure that our youth wont fall prey to drugs ?

2. Who can ensure of our sisters and girlfriends can go out at night and return safely?

3. Who can help build long term development solution to city’s most daunting problems of congested traffic, sewage lines, water supply and health problems?

4. Who can ensure that free spaces in the city remain free, are not encroached by some land shark ?

5. Who can possibly visualize the parking problems we are going to face in next 5-10 years and plan accordingly ?

I feel the answer is difficult. Thinking that Mr. Babush Monsserate supported panel will do it is like assuming a blind man can solve a rubic cube. Yes his panel will help many, but it will help only those have mastered the art of bottom polishing.

On the other hand one can certainly hope that Mr. Parrikar has the ability to provide that leadership and being the MLA of the city the synergy will help. However I dont know about other people in the panel.

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