Aman Ka Chakka (Sixer of Peace)

The paragon of virtue Dr. Manmohan Singh in his infinite and unquestionable wisdom has invited his Pakistani counterparts to watch the Cricket match between India and Pakistan in Mohali. The invitation has been given to both Prim Minister and as he is popularly known “the 10% ” president Zardari. This is supposed to boost the peace process.

Let us hold back our whips and put down our rational thinking caps and assume without any prejudice that the Pakistani leaders watch the match with MMS and irrespective of who wins they make goody-goody statements, Manmohan Singh reads a written speech in the post match presentation ceremony. Yes, there is a hope that Ravi Shatri may not get much chance to speak. An incredible thing happens. Both Indians and Pakistani leaders/people suddenly find love for peace and genuinely decide to have peace. Yes genuinely.

Then what does that peace translate to ?

Let us see what Pakistan can do:

– Give up its claim on Kashmir and hand back POK.

– Pakistan stops the training camps of terrorists.

– Pakistan hands over Dawood and other terrorists to India.

– Pakistan stops teaching that history of subcontinent starts with Islamization to its kids.

– Pakistan stops teaching schools kids that it’s that divine duty to ensure that Kafirs are eliminated and Dal-ul-Harab is converted into Dar-Ul-Islam.

– Pakistan gives equals rights to minorities in their own country.

What can India do ?

– Give up it’s right on Kashmeer.

– Stop demonizing Pakistan. (Good strategy because our assumption is that Pakistan has really changed).

What more ? I am scratching my head. Declare India to be an Islamic Republic ? May be.

Now lets us come back to reality and put on the rational thinking caps. There is nothing India can really do for peace. We have nothing to offer. On the other hands things that Pakistan can do are many but it cant do. Even if it’s leaders wish to do so. If Pakistan has to do these things it should be a democratic and secular country where truth is valued over religious dogma. Where Islam is weak and secularism is strong. But isnt Islam the very foundation of Pakistan ? Yes it is.

So the conclusion is it is highly unlikely that Pakistan will change. Given that we are on our own and we need to safe-guard our interests at all costs. Hope that Pakistan will change is an closed option for us.

Now let us raise the whip. In last 500 years Islam has invaded India for various reasons. They have never shown slightest respect to anything Indian. Coupled with their religious dogma they tried hard to convert the native Indians to Islam but they failed. India was lucky because from time to time it had its heroes. Islamic formula of forcible conversion worked everywhere else but not in India. India could have avoided the damage if they had correctly grasped the true nature of Islam.

Even today we fail to understand Islam. We try to look it through the prism of Hinduism.

Criticism of Islam is not same as criticism of Muslims. When one criticizes un-touchability one does wish death to Brahmins. When one demonizes tobacco consumption we don’t wish death to all those who eat it. It is the reverse. We sympathies and help them change. I am not suggesting to the slightest that Muslims should dump Islam and convert to something else. Instead I suggest we should strengthen those parts of Islamic society who give preference to reason over dogma.

Given the size of population of Muslims in India, they can easily shape the future of Islam on their own. If they start facing Saudi Arabia and Pakistan for directions it will like Madhuri taking acting lessons from Rakhi Sawant. If Hinduism had its share of reformers and if Christianity had its share of reformers I wonder why Islam can’t have it. If the Indian Muslims become strong enough to dictate what Islam should mean to world and when they come up with reforms favorable to humanity unlike what it is today India can truly dream to have peace with Pakistan. Our leaders however seem to be looking the opposite side, pampering the fundamentalists and religious bigots to their own personal and political gains.

What more expect from a dishonest person like Manmohan Singh?


3 thoughts on “Aman Ka Chakka (Sixer of Peace)

  1. It’s blood-boiling. Truly.
    The absolutely worst Prime Minister in history.
    He is worse than a dog.

  2. You make a very astute observation in the following:
    “Even today we fail to understand Islam. We try to look it through the prism of Hinduism. Criticism of Islam is not same as criticism of Muslims.” I am truly saddened to see my motherland being overtaken internally and attacked externally by Muslims. And the politicians don’t say a word for fear of losing votes. It’s so sickening.

  3. chor chor mausere bhai. (thief and a thief, cousin brothers). MMS invites Dus Percenti Zardari for tips to loot our country. Last time they opened the gates for pakis to come here and see matches, bomb attacks by islamic terrorists happened. The terrorists should target the MMS and his puppet master Sonia Italian Viper. Oh but a small problem, these vile creatures are protected by the very people they hate.

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