Postscript of the Anna Hazare Show

I am not sure if I should waste my time writing why I oppose Anna Hazare. You can not really prove axiomatic statements. If we believe in democracy then the reasons why one should oppose Anna Hazare and the league of “civil society” are axiomatic.

I am however deeply upset with the political parties in the country. Not even one of them has shown the guts to oppose Anna Hazare in clear words. Unfortunately it reflects the sad state of these parties as institutions. Most of our parties including my favorite BJP have become parties of few. None of them have any ideological clarity on where they should stand on this issue. None of them has that strength where they can engage and convince their voters why they are doing it.

I suppose the lack of ideological clarity comes from lack of self-belief. When can one say “I believe in X” ? It is when you are ready to stake something important for X. A man can not say he believes in ‘honesty’ if he can not fire his corrupt minister lest he lose his own chair. That man believes in sticking to the chair and not in honesty as a principle.

Why cant BJP as a party clearly stand like a light-house for those who want to see corruption ended ? Why cant it provide a strong ideological base to this mass anger ?

It is not very difficult to see that the root cause of corruption is not the lack of some kind of “Law” but the kind of society we have. Our leaders reflect our society, to change our leaders we must change the people first. To bring that change in the people the party must engage it’s electorate at various levels instead of just playing along the popular side. People will believe in the party only when party shows deep commitment to it’s own principles. People will follow you automatically when you learn to take an uncompromising stand with the core principles.

But all this will take time. It will perhaps take decades. Those who believe in the interest of the party over a long term will take that hard route. The individuals who are in party for their personal benefit will take the shorter route of playing along with the popular sentiments. While that happens all the parties tend to the same destination. People don’t see an alternative and people like Hazare take advantage of that.

Willows that sway to every passing breeze do not attract birds.

2 thoughts on “Postscript of the Anna Hazare Show

  1. I agree in principle that JLP bill alone will not eliminate corruption. Corruption is far too deep rooted for that. It will go when majority of the people show backbone when faced with corruption and say NO to it.

    However, you must also agree that corruption is not just another political issue. It is an overwhelming evil that pervades all the sections of the society and is infused in our mindset as the norm. The beginning of its end can only come from a revolution. That’s why I support Anna Hazare as he has provided that spark. JLP will not be adopted in the parliament without adequate debate and proper parliamentary procedure. Therefore let there be no fear that it will become a draconian law that somehow will subvert democracy.

    This movement is a beacon of light for a million mutinies again injustice to come!

  2. Ravi,

    JLP is completely irrelevant to the problem of corruption. Instead it is giving power to some minions who call themselves “civil society”. You think these people are your and my friends and fighting against corruption, but in all probability these people might as well turn out to be the left liberals trying to bring back socialism through backdoor.

    While Hazare and others are claiming that they are representing people they in fact aren’t. Can you questions them ? Can you ? They are not accountable to anybody.

    Those who appear like hero today may in turn into villain over time and we will be helpless than. JLP is weakening democracy. The bill LP bill has been kept hanging for last 42 years by parliament, but Anna has forced government to pass it, also unlike ever before forced few arbitrary members to be on the drafting committee.

    Talking of million mutinies that is what we dont want. We want to institutionalize the process of addressing grievances of public.

    In a sense I feel JLP is not even a step in the right direction.

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