ही वाट दूर जाते

The BIG FM played a beautiful song just now. It’s written by Shanta Shelake one of my favorite Marathi poets. What I like the most about her is that her poetry is crafted using very simple words.

ही वाट दूर जाते, स्वप्नामधील गावा
माझ्या मनातला का तेथे असेल रावा

जेथे मिळे धरेला, आभाळ वाकलेले
अस्ताचलास जेथे रवीबिंब टेकलेले
जेथे खुळया ढगांनी, रंगीन साज ल्यावा

स्वप्नामधील गावा, स्वप्नामधून जावे
स्वप्नातल्या प्रियाला, मनमुक्त गीत गावे
स्वप्नातल्या सुखाचा, स्वप्नीच वेध घ्यावा |

One reason I hated poetry in my schools textbooks was that you had to decipher the meaning of those poems, many times the meaning should match what the teacher would dictate it to be. I always say it with pride that throughout my school life I did not try to remember a single poem.

The last thing one should do is to try explaining meaning of a poem. In that sense I love Gazals more than any form of poetry. In Gazal it is a rule that requires each couplet to be entirely different from each other, yet the whole poem should make sense. Gazal is so much like a fish platter, so much variety.

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