Happy Birthday Hanumanji

Among all the Gods and their forms I love Hanuman the most. He seems very balanced, calm and smart. His methods are simple. Besides he is one god with real muscles.

As a kid my visualization of God was limited to the way they were portrayed on the Calendars. In most of them, faces of Ram, Sita and Laxman would be identical, only thing that would change was the color of their skin. Hanuman however would look very distinct in it.

Hanuman is the God of power, physical strength, sports, warfare. He is supposed to negate the effects of all evil like no other God.

Young girls generally visit Hanumanji’s temple to pray for a better life partner, since Hanuman is a brahmachari he must be not familiar with the plight of married men and hence must be granting their wishes. But that makes Hanuman very popular among the youth too. I am aware of many love stories that started with Hanuman as witness.

-- बुद्धिर् बलं यशो धैर्यं निर्भयत्वं अरोगत:  
अजद्यं वक्पतुत्वञ्च हनुमद स्मरणात भवेत् --
[wisdom, strength, courage, fearlessness, health, victory, oratory may come to me as I remember the Lord Hanuman.]

Today is Chaitra Pornima, one of my favorite festivals more because of the feast that is celebrated in my village keeping full moon as the witness.

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