Oh Boy, Its summer.

Summer is my favorite season. I simply love the heat of summer if not of the sweat. I also love the dust. My long time dream has been to ride alone along a dusty road while the sun shines in it’s full glory on my head.

My ideas of fun always seem crazy to others but I guess that the case with most of us. I hate the kind of enjoyment they show on television. Going to a travel agent and booking some kind of dumb tour to a place which Yogi Berra described as “Nobody goes there these days because it’s too crowded”. Same is true with birthday celebrations.  I am not very used to celebrate birthdays, if at all they were celebrated it was among the closest friends and relatives in the most simple way. If someone says we will celebrate your birthday in a grand way I actually go into conniption. Grander is the plan more tensed I am.

One thing I really love about Calvin and Hobbes is that despite the fact that the strip revolves around the life of a kid there are no birthdays out there.

I know very few people and social relationships continue to repulse me event today, I generally avoid most of the social functions around me. But from very little experience I have, I have realized that most of these functions are less about fun and more about display of wealth and power. It is more about putting down someone else by making my function grander than him than we enjoying together.

Most of this seems to be influenced by what they show on television. People seems to celebrated every minor day and anniversary and every time the cost of presents and gifts demands and upward increment. Unless you gift a diamond to someone you love yours love is simply not authentic or complete. Display of affection needs some silly Hallmark card to accompany it and not what we truly feel about the person.

The best times of my life are certainly not the times that involved any kind of “celebrations” , those moments just happened like a leaf that would fall of a tree suddenly and end up into a river stream and before you know it go beyond the sight leaving behind some memories. Should we call it a true celebration of life itself ?

That is why I like summer. In my brain summer is associated with holidays. Holidays is the time when I have little responsibilities and more time for myself. I am going to spend this summer riding all around the Goa, reading a set of books I have already purchased and watching marathons of Kill Bill, Pirates of Caribbean, Borne, Batman and Big bang theory. I am also eagerly awaiting for Pirate of Caribbean 4 which is releasing on 20th.

As a ritual I have made up a list of things to be done:

1. Watch Pirates of Caribbean 4

2. Travel 3 roads I have not yet traveled in Goa.

3. Meet some old friends.

4.  I have signed up for a 11 day trek in Himalayas somewhere in June, dates yet to be confirmed.

One thought on “Oh Boy, Its summer.

  1. Nice one Akshar. Stumbled across you. Glad to see someone else out there that feels a little the way I do. I like to leave town for my birthdays!

    So true about Hallmark holidays and diamonds. Sigh.

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