Suck it you Indians

So Osama did not leave in some cave but in a mansion 800mtrs away from Pakistani’s military academy. America proved that their cold anger had a long memory and eventually they delivered justice to it’s 3000 dead citizens. Now United States is asking some tough questions to Pakistan and Pakistan will have some trouble answering them as well. Indians have been shouting for a very long time that Pakistan is playing a double game with United States but that did not deter US from getting cosy with Pakistan and pumping billions of dollars in Pakistan’s military-jehadi edifice.

Indians might develop a false sense of vindication. If you read newspapers and watch tv channels most of them are now trying to portray as if US will now act against Pakistan. Some voices from Indian are demanding that Pakistan be declared as a terrorist state. None of this is going to happen. Time will soon show us that United States will now give even more money to Pakistan. It is another way to telling we Indians “suck it”.

When stalwart like B.Raman says that , you have to believe.

11.History is going to repeat itself now after the death of OBL at Abbotabad. One or two senior officers of the Army and the ISI will be identified by the US as responsible for the collusion. The US will ask for their heads. Pakistan will happily offer their heads.

12. The State-to-State relations will be back to their sickening normalcy. The pamperiong of Pakistan will resume. The exercise to feed and fatten the Pakistani Army and intelligence will resume.

13. India and Indians, who are now gloating over the discomfiture of Pakistan, will find that they have become a sucker once again. As we became in 1993 when Nasir’s collusion with the Mujahideen was discovered. As we became in 2001 when Ahmed’s collusion with the Afghan Taliban was discovered. [Emphasis mine]

India is not a soft state. It is an impotent state. A state that is least bothered and list capable of protecting it’s citizens life and property. It is not only the poor school teacher in West Bengal is getting beheaded by naxalites but also the CEOs who were in Taj on 26/11. We blame our forefathers for their failure to judge the threat that Islam could bring to India but are we any better today ?

One thought on “Suck it you Indians

  1. No we are not. Absolutely not.
    And look whom people have chosen in WB and Kerala & TN.
    people have so short memory. They forget about Deganga Riots in 2010 and voted for Congress.

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