Talented youth

A guy applied for a programmers job with us. He was one among other 850 individuals. So we had to design an initial screening test. I setup a moodle instance, created test, uploaded user accounts, created password and then mass mails all of them with their credentials and the url to the moodle.

I had done all kind of idiot proof tests on the software. I had also sent a list of instructions with the mail describing which URL that these guys have to visit, click where and so on.

Within 24 hours I received mail that read

how to get login page on given website
no login page showen on website regarding <XXXX> project recruitment
please help me sir
thank u

Where <XXX> was the URL of the site from where he had downloaded the application form. That URL was completely different from the one I had sent in the mail. This means the guy had not at all read my mail or the instructions. He just visited the site where he had downloaded the form. I don’t blame him for that. But when he did not see the relevant link on that page he should have reverted back to my mail and looked at instructions which he certainly did not do.

I sent him a single line reply http://e-yantra.org/<path&gt;

He replied back saying

still no login page showing on given site

For a moment I thought site crashed. But everything was intact. I was pissed. So I asked him to send a screenshot.

He did not sent me any screenshot but copy pasted the page he could see. Obviously he had typed the URL in the browser and had made spelling mistakes which lead him to a parked domain name.

Then I realized what the problem was. Besides being a complete moron, the guy did not know how to copy paste the url. So he chose to type it out. When he saw the parked domain name with a lot of nonsense, it did not strike to him that he might have typed a wrong URL. Instead he dropped me a mail.

Then I realized that expecting him to take a screenshot was simply too much of burden for him.

How employable would this guy be ? How many such people shall we have around us ? What happens to them ?  I really wonder. The guy might be having some fancy degree (he does I have his resume) but he has very bad problem solving skills. Education has apparently not added much of value to his life.

I feel there is a market to trap. IIPM has been trapping to too well, we just need something better.

Also, the guy was using an hotmail id.

3 thoughts on “Talented youth

  1. this is the common problem with the current youth these days, they have fancy degrees, thanks to all the governments for letting the barrier so down, even a snail can jump!! But, they do hold high ambitions, but lack on quality and commitment, love to spend more time on orkut rather than work, try to find a feeding bottle, instead of trying to find solutions for themselves, well, I do not have any right to generalise the situation, but I have seen a lot of them with the same problems!! I sincerely do not know what happen to them … I guess too much of parental care also has something to do with it!

  2. Akshar, you are certainly not alone in experiencing it(I know that you know this). By the way, there is more to the “talented” than just the interview candidates. There are many morons even among those who have been working in the industry for several years.

    At the place where I work, I had to move into a different department, so they had to hire someone to fill up my place. I was out of the interview process because “I was not skilled enough with C++ to take interview”, and instead they asked an “experienced C++ user” to do the interview.

    When asked about C++ experience, the candidate said that she knows C well and “C++ is almost like C, with little extra syntaxes, like class and object oriented concepts, etc.” (whatever that means) and this “experienced user” accepted that, and they hired her!! You can imagine how painful it must be since then.

    By the way, she doesn’t know C well.

  3. “C++ is almost like C, with little extra syntaxes, like class and object oriented concepts, etc.”

    Are you kidding me ?

    Gives me idea of a new line of jokes:

    Java is C with long function names and a “dot” in between, also some bullshit about virtual machine.

    Python is C without braces

    Javascript is C that runs in Browser

    Assembly language is also C its just that its encrypted so that only smart people can read it.

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