Those who failed but stood tall

History celebrates winners but it also celebrates who showed great defiance event in the moments of great suffering. Rana Pratap is one good example. But we look around ourselves we will see many such examples.

Arun Shourie has been my idol for a very long time. He has left a great impression on my mind and whatever I am. I was aware of his son’s sorry state but I did not know about his wife too. His every book is generally dedicated to his son Vikramaditya and his wife. In one of the recent interviews he spoke about his life in very brief. His tone is clearly that of a retired man but he is a lion. Unfortunately we have come to a pass where wolfs and wolfs in the disguise of sheep are ruling and people like Arun Shourie have no choice but to return to their exile.

I have never looked back in my life. On the personal front, I have had to face several challenges: my 35-year-old son has multiple handicaps and my wife has had Parkinson’s for the last 22 years. I have worked towards putting these things to work. I have followed at least three careers at the same time. I have written books, I have written columns and I have been a minister. I have carried each one of them lightly so that if I am thrown out I don’t get disappointed. (Former prime minister) Vajpayeeji asked me a few years back: “Where are you living these days?” I said: “In my parents’ house that they left behind for me. He asked me why I had not taken government accommodation. I said: “(If I do not take it) there is one less thing to give up.” [Source]

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