Introducing :)

First. Thanks to all my dear friends who commented on my previous post and wishing me best of luck. I think trying something different requires a lot of support and words of encouragement from friends and family.

FORBASH.COM is a small beginning.

I have been complaining about everything on this blog as well ad other social networking site. From mobile service providers to UPA government I have not spared anyone. But then the question comes, what after you point out to the problem ? What to do in order to solve it ? Wait. As I keep saying the first step to solve a problem is to have good understanding of the problem. Sites likes Qura, Stackoverflow etc. have demonstrated so well that community can solve specific problems that individuals face in the area of intellectual activity.

But what about other problems ? Problems that we have with other websites, brands, daily services, people etc. ? First, someone just can not solve it. Secondly, we are not aware of exactly what the problem is. What we have is essentially over view of the problem. For example the reason why a customer care executive can not solve your problem might be the faulty recruitment policy of the company or the real fault might lie with your communication with him.

We believe that when a group starts complaining about something we have a wider view of a problem and that can be the first step towards solving the problem.

But why would I complain ?

Complaining is in our blood. Once you feel cheated by some company you want to punish that company by telling everyone else about the whole things, then you want to know what other did in similar situation. Also, you get to know more about your favorite server/product/brand. Not only you get your anger mitigated but then you are letting others know what you find problematic and connect with people who face similar problems.

The Next step ?

The next step is obviously to reach a solution or a workaround. If the problem can be solved through community interaction, like some painpoint with some software or a device. Or if you have larger problem we can get the concerning companies work with us to solve your problems.


Solutions need not be provided to a particular person always but the complain show a trend. Most of the people are frustrated with the lack of technical knowledge the customer service executives of mobile service providers. So the telecom company might start wondering what is going wrong. Or there can be much simpler issues such as inputs on the ergonomics of the new cellphone which the parent company might address in the next product design.


Innovation is essentially solving a problem that no one else has solved. The problems and solutions might be very simplistic. You might look at how United Colors of Benetton innovated. Instead of coloring cloth and then making garments out of it, they did the reverse saving a lot of money. I hope will become a platform where such problems and solutions will emerge through active participation of consumers as well as producers.

Hence forth I will try to blog about the technology behind Yeah I am not Jeff Atwood and Forbash is not stack-overflow but I think there are many interesting learning that ordinary programmers like me would benefit from.



5 thoughts on “Introducing :)

  1. The journey has just begun, good luck!
    The mention of Jeff Atwood reminds me of the punchy name of his blog – codinghorror:)
    In follow-up blogs I would like to know revenue model in addition to the technology behind

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and really enjoy your writing. Simply wanted to congratulate you on your new venture. It is indeed a fantastic concept, and sounds *extremely* promising. All the very best ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Siddhesh and Shraddha.

    Thanks a lot for your words of encouragement. Hopefully I will learn a lot from this adventure and will share it all here.

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