Destiny’s game

I thought Uday Chopra was the most pitiable actor in the Bollywood. If it was not his family lineage, the security guard of film studio would not have let him in. Ravidra Jadeja was probably the next pitiable man in the line. But if there is anyone who beats both these two people by great margin then it must be Dr. Manmohan Singh.

A young disciple was frustrated with his life and poverty went to his guru. He said, “Oh master, please pray to the god that let him end my sorrows and give me the wealth I need”. The master refused. Master said he can not utter those words. He asked the disciple that he should pray for himself. Disciple argued that the Guru was in good books of the God unlike him. Had he been in the God’s good books God wouldnt have let him into this difficult situation in the first place.

The master asked the disciple to go inside the secret chamber where there was an idol of a Goddess. He asked him to go and pray to her whatever she wants and it will be granted. The disciple rushed to chamber but as soon as he entered it he was stunned and could not demand anything from the God. He returned. The master asked him if he put his demands before the Goddess. The young disciple realized that he had gone inside for an entirely different purpose. Master asked him to go inside again but the same thing happened.

The young disciple then realized that wealth was not something that he was truly seeking. It was something entirely different. He was not meant for seeking wealth and worldly pleasures. He was probably designed for a different life.

What is the moral of the story and how does it relate to Dr. Manmohan Singh ?

Imagine the guru had instantly prayed to the God on his disciple’s demand that he be bestowed by wealth and all other material pleasures he is seeking. Assume that the wish was granted. The young disciple would have got stuck into a life he was not actually meant for. He would have lived a life of dishonesty. The man would have hated his riches and would have longed throughout his life for something else. That life would have been pitiable.

Imagine Dr. Manmohan Singh’s life. Let us consider Dr. Manmohan Singh in 2004. He had a rare kind of resume. He had decorated posts that would fetch envy of even the brightest scholars in the country. He was supposed to be an economist. Most importantly he had done what actually few economists manage to do. Turning around the fortune of a nation. In our case nation of a billion people. He was being viewed as an architect of 1992 reforms which partially broke the chains of socialism that our country was tied in. It gave us hope for a better future and because of that today several people managed to get themselves out of poverty. The reforms were half hearted but no one blamed Dr. Manmohan Singh for that, the political leadership was blamed for the negative aspect of reforms or lack thereof.

Someone recently asked Dr.  Swami a question.

Why a person like you is not made prime minister of this country.

Dr. Swamy’s reply was very astute.

I may not have become a a Prime Minister but I have become everything else. I have enjoyed all that. On the other hand, if I had become a Prime Minister may be I would not have enjoyed so much. Look at Dr. Manmohan Singh. He became prime minister but for that he lost all his reputation that took years to build.

Just like the young disciple in the story, Dr. Manmohan Singh’s gravest mistake was probably his failure to understand his own limits.

Today look at Dr. Manmohan Singh’s image.

The hypothesis that he is weak is being upheld by almost everyone. Every person who was singing praises for his unquestionable integrity today is finding out that he happens to lead India’s most corrupt government ever. Not just that but the only defense that he has to present is that he was personally ignorant of any scam. The man who was once praised as an intellectual today fears to address the nation. He conducts closed room interviews (probably scripted) with chosen people. Once a renowned bureaucrat today can not keep his subordinates into his control. At every stage, at every occasion he seems helpless. Indeed he has lost all his reputation in return of two Prime Ministerial terms.

In my opinion Dr. Manmohan Singh was made to take orders and execute them swiftly with precision. P. V. Narsimha Rao had given him a budget to present in 1992. He merely read it out and took credit for is as directed. Fate landed him in a position that required him to do many things on his own besides taking orders from Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh failed miserably in the former part. If you notice he has done very well when it comes to executing Sonia’s orders. Quatrochi was let off. Black money issue was killed by confusion. NAC was given a major role into everything. Baba Ramdev’s agitation was suppressed with use of force. Several cabinet ministers were given a free hand to do whatever they wanted. Special favors were granted to Robert Vadra and so on. Dr. Manmohan Singh has executed all Sonia’s order with great efficiency.

But look at the issues where he had to take his own decisions. Sharm-el-Shaikh, 26/11, indo-pak peace talks, Relationship with china, reforms 2.0 , 2G scam and so on.

What looked to be the Anakin Skywalker, the boy who was supposed to restore balance to the force has turned out to be Darth Vader, the evil himself.

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