Mumbai Blasts – A thought

After very terror attack our news papers and TV channels are full of items critical of government. Arnab Gosvami especially looks so animated that if you hand him an AK47 he alone would probably kill all the enemies of the country.

I will no go into the rhetoric. Brahma Chellaney has this piece in a periodical that in my opinion is pretty astute.

For New Delhi, the chickens have come home to roost. Its decision early this year to resume political dialogue with Pakistan at all levels was made without having secured any anti-terror commitment. Even though the Pakistan-based masterminds of the 2008 siege remain untouched and Pakistani terrorist-training camps near the border with India, according to Indian officials, continue to operate with impunity, New Delhi returned to square one by resuming comprehensive dialogue.

I would not get into the details of this article since there are tons and tons of such articles and books published so far.

I will just point out to a pattern. Each time there is an attack and if we study the aftermath, there is a recurring maxim. That India is completely helpless and powerless. We cant to anything but blame our leaders and those leaders will get elected again because we think that the other alternatives will perform equally bad.

This is more like a student who answer a particular exam and each time performs worse than the previous. Each time he promises that he will do better next time but simply can not.

We must assume that our leaders are not foreign they are reflection of our society. As a nation we are one and we are like that failing student.

The students performance is likely to affect his life in other aspects as well. He might have a difficult time facing his relatives. His career prospects might go down. I wonder if similar thing can be said about our nation as well. Will it affect how we Indians look at our own self ? Will it affect aspirations of individual citizens ? I dont know but I feel it is worth pondering upon.


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