Arun Shourie on God, Religion and Suffering

Thanks to Gaurav Upadhyay for uploading the following videos on you tube. I had missed the show which came yesterday on television. NDTV too had conducted an interview with Shourie a day before which too is uploaded by Gaurav on Youtube.

I have reviewed Shourie’s latest book here.

There are some very distinct conclusions that Shourie has arrived at.

1. God is a man made construct because it is convenient to us. However if it works for someone nothing like it.

2. Scriptures claim to explain everything but their claims are far from indefensible. They do not stand to scrutiny.

3. Buddha’s teaching that resonated with Shourie. Buddha says your child has got celebral palsy. I can do nothing about it. Take him to a doctor it is their job. But on this fact that your child has cerebral palsy you have built a sever story structure that is eating up your present. What will happen to the child after you are gone ? What will happen when he grows old and so on. I can help you to destroy that structure says buddha.

As far as the following interview is concerned I am quite irritated with Sagarika. Not only she is boring, she fails to ask any intelligent questions. The way she connects Shourie’s criticism of Hinduism with him distancing from BJP. That is purely nonsensical and Shourie is clearly irritated.

Watch all the videos:





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