Beware of Anna

Parinda was a classic movie which featured Nana Patekar as villain. His name in that movie was Anna. It was some real kick ass acting by Nana.

Anna Hazare and his team will put any actors to shame.  I had stated that Anna’s movement will reach it’s end with either Rahul’s intervention or modifying Janlokpal bill to give more powers to NAC. The gang of chosen few , not by people but by Sonia Gandhi.

Anna and his team was very conscious about not hurting the Gandhi family’s ego right from the beginning and keep enemies of Gandhi family at a bay such as BJP and baba ramdev. Anna used their support to increase his own mass base but ditched them at the right moment.

Now Anna has made a statement that he will only talk to Rahul Gandhi or PM. That is where Rahul Gandhi will be projected as a hero.

Secondly Aruna Roy, member of NAC came up with another Janlokpal bill which she said might be acceptable to both sides. The very fact that NAC has drafted it will make is acceptable to congress people, question is whether Anna is going to accept it.

In my opinion laws dont make good systems as much as good people do. If the same nincompoops of congress party are going to get elected in 2014, it is irrelevant whether there is a Janlokpal or not.


4 thoughts on “Beware of Anna

  1. and the worst part is-the people/mass which supports him has neither bothered to read the Anna’s draft nor are they aware of what will really happen after the bill is passed.
    The focus has shifted from anti-corruption to mere passing of the bill which will again bring license raj.
    This might be a bold statement, but I think he is making the same mistake which Gandhi made 64 year’s ago.

  2. I am really glad that at least you agree. Anna and his team seems to support everything that is good for middle class yet the same class supports him.

    It is not only janlokpal but over all people like Anna are imbibing in our mind that more government interference is required to make things better while history has shown us that opposite is true.

    You are correct to say that Anna is making same mistake as Gandhi. Or should we say our people are making same mistake as then ?

  3. Interesting observations. Do we know for sure if he(Anna) said “speak only to rahulG / PM” ? Or the typical congress propaganda?

    Taking this to conspiracy theory levels, how likely is it that this has been orchestrated by the the congress , so that saviour rahul and his mom can save the day in the end.

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