Keep that cold anger in your heart

Anna’s Team is claiming a victory and so are people. Problem with mob is that it always looks for slogans and not merits of the argument posed. In this case also it is the same case. The bill is not passed, parliament has merely conveyed the sense o f house to the standing committee which will now put all it’s efforts into building hairsplitting arguments to delay and mitigate the whole janlokpal threat.

I think if we are serious about fighting corruption then we should harbor come cold anger in our hearts and let it manifest during upcoming elections at all levels. Besides we must be very vocal in our demands.

In last 5- years we see that some chief ministers like Modi, Nitish, Sivraj Singh Chauhan etc. who have shown a great focus on development rather than the usual nonsensical rhetoric of inclusive growth, upliftment of downtrodden etc. etc. How this happened?

Taking example of Nitish Kumar one will realize that the merits of his alliance are not any better than that of Laloo’s government. Several people from his party are just as bad criminals as there were in Laloo’s party, in fact some of them have simply changed the party.

So the point I want to drive home is that the same corrupt set of people will deliver better if they realize that their political future hangs in balance over a few decisions they need to take. Unfortunately many times these decisions are declaring a caste as OBC, giving free food to people who have certificate of poverty and so on.

The problem with most of these welfare programs is that it steals from Paul and gives (a small fraction of) it to Peter, thus Peter. Paul always suffers. Paul suffers because he is not part of a vote bank and is not vocal enough about his demands. Peter is happy because he simply lives to see another day and happily votes for such a welfare oriented government.

Rise in income levels of educated class, increasing urbanization, contrast against other developed nations etc. is slowly building a new vote bank of middle India. We need to make sure that the voice of this vote bank is heard.

Over next few years till 2014 we need to work on solidifying this vote bank, giving it an representative ideology and making right noises that these people get heard. Also, we need to guard against individuals like Anna who might simply hijack the people reducing them to a demand or two.


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