Emotional Complexities

Some things make me extremely sad and I also feel that the exact same things would probably have a zero effect on most of the other people. ]

I am very happy that this is going to happen. An old man looks into my eyes and tells me. I can clearly see the excitement. Knowing the future, I say why do you expect this to happen this way? This might happen other way as well. I try to explain him the worse case, without giving a hint that I already know that is the reality. I am trying to use ‘zor ka zatak dheere se lage’ technique.

You are being too pessimistic. It is impossible that such a bad thing can happen with me, after all I have been good in my intentions he tells me. I can see his point. My any stretch of imaginations he doesn’t deserve the future that awaits him.

I try to imagine how will those eyes look when he faces the reality. Will I be responsible ? I wonder!


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