Bash Insights!

At forbash we are working on how we can build useful features that companies can use for their purpose. Most of our users got a wrong impression that is about complaining. Partly it was our fault to because a lot of branding indicated that. However our learning was that we should not focus just on complains but over all thoughts of general public about the brands and services they use. We want to make it a place not just to complain but to also do their own research. Many more very exciting features are in pipeline.

However we already have a few thousand painpoints in database and we have built tools that will help us make sense out of this. This set of tools will be called bash insights. Every company wants to know where it stands viz a viz it’s competitor.

Following graph is auto generated by our system it compares SBI and ICICI bank against each other.

High score generally indicates more problematic areas. For example for ICICI bank banking hours (blue) and General complaints (Pink) are big areas. Where as for SBI it is Customer Service (yellow) and General Problems (Pink).

This graphs is just one small minor feature. You can compare brands against various other parameters, you can check them against positive feedback as well as negative feedback parameters and so on. We will try to bring this into public version so that a lot of info graphics can be generated which is fun even to read.

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