Steve Jobs!

I have only owned two iPod shuffles in past and I wont be able to afford most of other Apple products in near future. But Steve Job’s death made me so sad.

He was truly an once in a 100 year type of personality. A great presenter who changed a large part of world and that too with extreme simplicity and grace. He was one of those rare people whose greatness will be acknowledged by each every person who has know him. From Bill Gates to RIM no one can deny that their competitor was one of the finest business leader one could have had.

For ordinary soldiers who fought in the war of Mahabharata, it probably dint matter that who won and what they fought for but all that mattered was the pride that they fought along some of the best warriors of all the time. Similarly for very ordinary individuals like me, it doesn’t really matter if I own and iPhone or not, what really matters is that I will be able to tell my kids one day that I had seen Apple’s founder give live keynote addresses. That when I was young he was alive and kicking.

Steve Job’s India connection is something that I always wanted to know more about. He apparently took a sabbatical and spent a couple of years in India and embraced buddhism. It doesn’t really matter what religion he followed but it amuses me that most of the people I greatly admire have embraced Buddhism if not technically but in practice.

I would like to dedicate this heart sutra for this great man. The meaning of the sutra can be found here


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