Indian Superheroes ? Nonsense!

Many people are going ga-ga over SRK’s upcoming Ra.One.  Just the way we continue to compare Infosys with Microsoft many are now saying India finally has it’s share of superheroes.  Ra.On might be our answer to west’s Batman and Ironman.

We need not get surprised if some day some online poll suggests Ra.One as  the world’s most popular superhero.  [SRK any ways considers himself as an international star thank to panjabis settled all over the world.]

It is hard to believe that this is the same country where great storytellers told stories like Ramayan and Mahabharata. It was not about a brave man fighting a villain but a hell lot more than that.

Indian superheroes will never appeal to me for one simple reason. Their lack of attention to detail and depth. Superheroes are not about superpowers and flying in air etc. It needs to have a sort of philosophical and emotional depth as well.

The enemity between Joker and Batman is not a simple case of one evil man v/s good man but it is purely symbolic of what happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object.

For example take Batman. Bruce Wayne’s parents die in an homicide right before young Bruce’s mind. A millionaire boy decides to understand the crime and eventually fight it. There is a journey that takes him through a series of experiences with a deep connection to an incident of his childhood where he developed fear of bats. Bruce Wayne is a man but Batman is a symbol which is truly incorruptible and capable of making choices that no one can make.  Does Krissh has that depth ? Can Robot go even close to that ? is likely to fight some baddies, romance a girl 20 years older than him and cry in couple of scenes. Yes, our special effects might go close to that of Hollywood but as a hardcore superhero freak I will still not waste my money on Ra.One.

Let us see how a middle aged actor puts up a show.



4 thoughts on “Indian Superheroes ? Nonsense!

  1. You are such stupid gal…. Without even watching a movie… just by reading the baseless media reports you published such a stupid article… Come on grow up..

  2. Whose judgement are emanating from ignorance? Had you read the About Me page you wouldn’t have assumed me to be a girl. Secondly, you failed to read the tagline that says I am a cynic.

    Also, to go by Shahrukh’s track record I dont think I will have to eat up my words in future.

  3. The point I liked best was that this is indeed the country where we have had the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. That creative streak is, I believe still very much alive within us. But alas, our most popular medias fail miserably in capturing it.

  4. Well, my friend.. I totally agree with your article. You are right that our bollywood superheroes don’t have a character building. They have come closer to hollywood in terms of special effects but in terms of plot and storyline, they are still far far behind. Anyways, thanks for the great article though! By the way, indian comic superheroes (Nagraj, Dhruv etc.) are still much better than these bollywood madeup crap.

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