RIP Jagjit Singhji

[I was deeply saddened by Jagjit Singh’s death and hence took some time to come up with a tribute. ]

I first heard Jagjit Singh on MTV. Yes, you heard it right. He had come up with a beautiful album called Close to my heart. It was a collection of some old Hindi songs in his voice. I fell in love wit his voice instantly.

However it took me some time to understand that his songs were not just a piece of music as it might seem like to an ordinary listener. His songs are like ice that you would use to clam your burns or numb your wounds.

In the moment of loneliness his songs gave me endless company and in the moment of distress infinite comfort. Soon, I was able to relate different songs of his to different states of my mind.

I remember I was in our hostel in Panaji and the FM played his song from Sarfarosh (Hosh walon ko khabar kya..), each time I hear that song now, it simply teleports me to that hostel and at that point in time.

Some of his and Chitraji’s songs remind me of some people and some incidences and sometimes the streets of Mala, Panaji where I spent a lot of time.

I have refrained myself from listening to some of his songs now a days purely because it brings up memories that I don’t want to remember.

I had once come very close to attending his concert in Panaji. I was told that the tickets were in the denominations of 500, 1000 and 2000.

However by the time I reached there were no Rs 500 tickets left and I did not have more money. Till today I can not explain the infinite regret in my heart.

Because of Jagjitji I got introduced to the world of Gazals and Urdu poetry which is another topic in itself.

I devote this heart rendering song to Jagjitji. It is sung by his wife Chitra Singh.

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