The magic wand of Manmohan Singh

Honestly I find it silly to waste time writing about a dishonest and despicable man like Dr. Manmohan Singh.

How much is too much? I guess you know it’s too much when it stops giving otherwise expected results. For example you know you have had too much of chocolate cake when you fill nausea instead of happiness in eating the next bite. Ghalib has put it in more beautiful words as “Dard ka had-se gujarana hai, dava ho jaanaa”. Too much of pain is when it starts acting like a medicine.

Dr. Manmohan Singh will be the last men I would like to see lecturing my kids. But when you are heading a government that cares a damn about what it’s citizens think and feel he has the freedom to do whatever he wants. As a result he has plans to send a message to 11 lakh government schools.

“Education gave me a new life,” it will say. “Education is the magic wand that can help us meet any challenge.”[link]

And after that sentence the message will have usual Manmohan Singh at his best that is boring an uninspiring sentences full of lies. Manmohan Singh’s biggest skill is his docile nature and that is what helped him climb in life not really his Phd. in economics. But Dr. Manmohan Singh will not be truthful.

“I promise that India will provide opportunities to all of you to fulfil your hopes and dreams. I am confident that education will help you scale new heights.”

This in my opinion is the biggest lie. Congress government is like a concoction of the worst of both socialism and capitalism. What we have right now is a state conspiring with greedy companies to screw we people. Most of the school kids that Dr. Singh is addressing are likely to serve these companies who will pay them peanuts, rest will probably struggle to get a government job by bribing politicians.

I wonder if Dr. Singh can point out any steps his government has taken to ensure that new business come up in India, that they get to compete on a level ground, any attempts to push India up above the value chain. Even today the biggest companies in India are not retail and technology but coal, mining and oil. The billionaires India has are not those who came up with good ideas and turned them into business but those who bribed politicians to create monopoly in the market.

Dr. Manmohan Singh is now misleading school kids. However as I pointed out earlier I don’t think it will bother anyone anymore. He has mislead us so many times and in so many ways that it has become “too much”. He has crossed the limit where we could take him seriously and transgressed into and area where he will continue to live as a joke.

One thought on “The magic wand of Manmohan Singh

  1. The saddest part of him is that he personifies the fact that even though you can be highly qualified, you can still be of no inspiration and role model to the youth and aspiring. A man who had had a career (before politics) like his could have given to society in a multitude of ways other than the farce he has got himself into so far.

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