Sau sunar ki ek lohar ki

Each one has his/her own strengths. We saw Anna Hazare building a very large movement against corruption which eventually achieved nothing but boosted ego of few. Neither the JanLokpal is a reality neither the people seem to have changed. In the mean time Anna’s team members became laughing stock of the public.

On the other Dr. Swamy diligently pursued the 2G scam and is very close to putting P. Chidamberam in jail. Many others have already landed in jail. Of course it will be silly to give entire credit to Swamy there are many others who have contributed tremendously for taking things to the end. Pinoneer’s Gopikrishnan is the most notable name.

There are lessons to be learned here. May be we are a democratic country but as far as world goes reality is one competent man can do far more good or bad than a group of individuals. That is probably the first conclusion we can come up with. This has got one important corollary. If want things in India’s politics change we should focus on getting one or two super competent leaders in the top spot instead of relying on the collective intelligence of the system even if it is guided by a law like JanLokpal.

The more subtle observation from Anna and Swamy is as follows:

If you want to destroy something, bring down something, do not target the message, but target the messenger. Give the idea a name and face and then hunt it. Instead of targeting a bigger picture, hit at smaller details. Get into particulars. For example, Anna Hazare called it a fight against corruption. Now what is corruption? It is a wide concept depending on perspectives almost everyone is corrupt. So Mr. Hazare was asking us to fight an enemy which is not be seen or seemed omnipresent. He refused to give it a face. He was not criticizing Dr. Manmohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi but kind of trying to malign entire political class. That is where the first symptoms of his failure were evident. As the time progressed saner voices have stopped supporting Anna Hazare.

But then look at Dr. Swamy. He has given a clear face to corruption. That is of Sonia Gandhi and her minions. He is not stopping at calling them corrupt but goes into details of every sort. From the controversy regarding her birth place to her education. He has targeted Chidamberam who happens to be her ally. Dr. Swamy has taken the battle to the court and created every sort of difficulty for Sonia Gandhi. Today because of him millions in the country have developed an adverse opinion of Sonia Gandhi. At least for the time being he happens to be on the winning side.

Now we take the complement of the whole argument.

What if we want to eulogize something ? I guess it should not be a person but the ideas. If you want to bring down something, target the messenger if you want something to get successful uphold the idea. In Anna’s case the credibility of their whole movement lied completely on the personal credibility of their leaders like Bhushans and Bedi. We saw them losing their credibility in public eye and hence their movement lost the shin irrespective of the merits of their movement. Even their law was very people centric. Some random group of people chose this so called Janlokpal who acts as our conscience keeper. Recipe for failure I say.


One thought on “Sau sunar ki ek lohar ki

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