Thought for the day

Indian middle class is an animal about which many people have written. In my opinion the passivity of this class has done maximum damage to the society. I will not get into the details but use only one example.

As children we are always taught by our parents not to get into fights with anyone. Parents will never listen to why you had to fight but for them fighting is always bad. If someone is bullying you the best way is to complain to the Teacher not to hit him back. Even if you are not at all at any fault and someone is trying to take away your rights by the use of force you are not supposed to fight because fighting is bad. You are either supposed to keep quite or complain to some higher authority.

This has got now embedded in our DNA I suppose. We are cheated every now and then but we wont pick up a fight. Whenever we are in trouble we will seek help from someone else and hence now one gives enough importance to us and we continue to suffer. I think we need to change our values and learn a bit of Kshatriya Spirit.

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