Why politics ?

This paragraph is taken from Shantanu Bhagat’s wall post.

Someone asked me earlier today, “Why bother with Politics?”
I told him it is because “politics” influences almost every thing we do – even in our day-to-day lives.
Politics is the reason behind our roads being in bad shape.
Politics is the reason behind rising prices all around you.
Politics is the reason you had no water in your taps this morning.
It is also the reason why you would never send your child to a government-funded school – or use a government clinic to get treatment.
We take politics for granted – and yet, it has a huge influence on your life, your work, your environment, your savings, your education and your parents’ medical care.
Almost everything in our lives is determined by politics, even how we respond to an attack like 26/11.
Remember, those who remain aloof from politics are condemned to suffer from poor politics, not to mention poor leadership and bad policies.
Is it not far better to understand and control this beast than let it control us?
We are at the cusp of historic change – and our actions will determine India’s future.
Get interested, get informed and get involved…Join us in Reclaiming India – One Step at a Time. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

Sooner we shed our apathy towards politics  better for us. The first step is being vocal about the issues and taking a stand. Second step is to join with people who have taken similar stand. Third step is to then bring about the change.

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