Ban on Gita

Russia’s intentions to ban Gita has irked quite many people in India. However this seems to be a case of exaggeration. Russia is yet to put a ban. Besides the ban is not on gita itself but russian translation of ISKON Gita.

ISKON is an interesting organization. They have some tall claims about themselves and a very rigid outlook towards other Hindu faiths. Unlike other sage centric activities such as chinmay mission etc. this group is extremely publicity shy. I am not saying these people might be engaging in some secretive activities but they are certainly not very open.

If certain government in the world is hostile to Indian scriptures it is pretty much their own internal matters and we should not waste time begging them to change their rules unless some significant amount of Indian population is getting affected.

Russia’s decision is less likely to affect as much Hindus as say Saudi Arabia’s policies are affecting Hindus abroad.

However one interesting question has arises in the process. Can Gita be india’s national book ?
I don’t think Gita alone represents the richness of Indian literature and philosophy. In my opinion Mahabharata as whole is a much suitable candidate. It is rich in philosophy as well as literary value, it has evolved over a very long period of time and it represents almost everyone. There are stories about brahmin’s and there are stories about tribals. Our north Eastern friends too have a role to play and so does the south Indians. It has deeply affected all parts of our life and it continues to do so.

However it is unlikely to happen.

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