Upcoming elections in Goa – Part 1

Goa will vote on March 3rd. We dont need any rigorous proof that what Goa saw in last five years has been nothing but an example of kakistocracy. That is rule my most corrupt and least principled.

Let us look at few examples.

Political achievements

1. Education ministers educational qualifications were questioned.

2. His son was involved in alleged rape of a minor.

3. There were allegations of home ministers son being involved in drug trafficking.

4. Chief minister was seen partying with a person charged with rape.

5. One minister went absconding after charged with murder. Later he surrendered.

6. Allegations that PWD minister is charging 15% over every tender awarded.

Given these serious crimes, other crimes such as PWD minister distributing free water tanks without any scheme or approval from government money would seem like petty thefts.

Current congress government has been taking pride in it is so called “inclusive growth” and “secular” (whatever it means) principles. Let us look at achievements in that direction.

Society and Culture

1. Two people belonging to SC/ST category were burned alive. This almost Bihar/UP type incident happened few months back.

2. Goa’s first riots (in recent times) took place in Savordem under Digamber’s rule.

3. Margao escaped a similar riot almost twice.

4. Community stands divided over the medium of instruction issue. Despite sever opposition from majority of the population the government tried to force it’s policy under people’s throat.

5. Uncountable number of temples in Goa were vandalized be elements that are yet to be caught.

6. MINING. This is single most important problem of Goa.

Law and Order

1. A major drug traffickers was caught and let off by Goa police.

2. DGP Arya was illegally transferred because of his tough stand against prostitution and drug trafficking.

3. A lot of Goan land was usurped by land sharks and mafias.

4. Several tourists raped and killed.

5. Serial killer Mahanand is being let off over many murders because of lack of evidence.

6. Once the police attacked an MLA’s home and ransacked his house, in another incident two Police group fought among themselves.

The real problem I feel is yet to come to public notice. Ask yourself the simple question. Who are the richest people in Goa? What is their source of income? How they are benefiting the society ?

Let me be very clear that I do not subscribe to the thinking that rich people are bad. But in the current scenario the richest people in Goa are the people who owns mines. They are not engineering firms, service firms , retailers and so on. This suggests that we have not climbed up the value chain at all. Secondly, this source of income is not entirely legitimate. Few miners have colluded with politicians to form a nexus where very few of them control all aspects of the business which involves digging the earth, transportation and export. These few people have created their monopoly via every possible means.

There is a lot of money in mining and a lot of mining activities are not fully legal. Hence the MLAs and other people in the power have developed a rent seeking attitude. They think that because they are in a powerful position it is their right to seek commission over everything. What is started and encouraged by mining industry is spreading to all other aspects of the governance.

I feel the rent-seeking attitude of people in power is at it’s maximum today. This is counter productive to economic activity and hence single biggest hurdle that Goans need to overcome before they pull themselves out of poverty.

People are to be blamed for this. They elect the people who gives them maximum dole. They themselves have legitimized this rent seeking attitude. The moment government advertizes a job, there are people who line up to “bid” for the post. These people are loathsome and in a way they get what they deserve. It is just that I feel bad for them for they dont know what they are doing.




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