Upcoming elections in Goa – Part 2

What constitutes freedom ? What is that compelled us to throw out the British/Portuguese rulers ?

Today I wonder if it was just the difference in skin color. We thought freedom means being rules by someone who resembles us in appearance.

What happens under a foreign rule ?

1. You are not treated as equal to those who are in power.

2. You need to take explicit permission from government before doing whatever you want, from building the house to purchasing a gun and govern tries to discourage you from it to the extent possible.

3. There is no assurance of your life and property.

4. There are restrictions on things you can talk about and write about.

5. Women in your house are not really safe.

6. Natural resources are exploited mindlessly to benefit those in power.

7. The entity in power does build roads, railways and so on but only to addresses their own concerns and interests and not those of people.

Now wait for a second and think our current situation. Almost all above point applies to current government as well.

We lack the freedom to achieve our dreams. You are thinking of building a home? Take a zillion permissions and bribe 100 people. I dont see why that fucking clerk in government office is entitled for monies when you build a house out of your hard earned money.

We are far away from the freedom that a society needs to prosper. We are growing but that growth is of cancer which will eventually implode if we dont ampute the cancerous parts of our society.



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