My favorite movie climaxes

Like sex the movies are supposed to end at a point where they give maximum pleasure to the involved. Here are my chosen three movie climaxes that I loved the most. For those who have been following my blog the Star Wars entry will not surprise at all.

Revenge of the Sith

A face-off between the Guru and his disciple who is lost to the Dark Side of the force.  A battle of perhaps the best Jedi’s left. For someone who is watching it for the first time, it may appear that the deciple eventually killing the guru to establish himself as the supreme villain. Since the later 3 parts of the movie had come before may be the viewer knows that both of them dont really die but the transformation of Anakin into Darth Vader remains a mystery until you see this climax. This last fight sequence and the the event afters that was one of the finest cinematic pleasure I had ever experienced.

Star wars has certainly transcended beyond the boundaries of a mere movie and reached a stage where it can be called an epic or legend forming part of creative best of humanity in general.

The movies ends only to tell you that it is the beginning of something even larger.

Million Dollar Baby

There is no tragedy like Million Dollar Baby. When I watched it first I was expecting a female Rocky Balboa to achieve her dreams. What I got in return was a sad surprise. Suddenly the dark shade of the movie makes sense. A typical Clint Eastwood movie which highlights loneliness, relationships, faith, comeuppance and tragedy. Like most great movies it leaves a lot gaps which you are supposed to fill through your imagination.

Hilary Swank also happens to be one of my favorite actresses. I simply loved her in The Next Karate Kid.



I have been a die hard fan of young Clint Eastwood’s testosterone filled western movies where he would kill 5 people in a blink of his eyes. With unforgiven I expected something similar and got a punch in the face in return. A deadly cowboy settled as a farmer in his last few years around some godforsaken countryside. He apparently married a woman which everyone thought will die in his hands, but the effect was reverse she changed this man and eventually died of chickenpox. She does not appear anywhere in the movie.

However one day this cowboy is requested by another young man to join him for a bounty hunting expedition. What lies ahead nothing but realization that despite all these years he still remains unforgiven.

It got the well deserved Oscar Prize that year for the best movie. It will make sense to watch this movie only if you have seen Eastwood’s previous western movies.

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