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The community that will be most affected by SOPA and PIPA is that of geeks. So they are trying hard to convince non-geeks to protest it as well. Geeks exist to make life of non-geeks a lot easier, yeah and they do earn a bit of money in the process.

One good thing about geeks is that they are very good at whatever they do. Michell describes why SOPA and PIPA is bad for all of us in this beautiful article here.

He provides a physical world analogy:

Assume there’s a corner store in your neighborhood that rents movies. But the movie industry believes that some or even all of the videos in that store are unauthorized copies, so that they’re not being paid when people watch their movies. What should be done?

SOPA/PIPA don’t aim at the people trying to get to the store. SOPA/ PIPA don’t penalize or regulate the store itself. SOPA and PIPA penalize us if we don’t block the people trying to get to the store.

The solution under the proposed bills is to make it as difficult as possible to find or interact with the store. Maps showing the location of the store must be changed to hide it(1). The road to the store must be blocked off so that it’s difficult to physically get to there(2). Directory services must unlist the store’s phone number and address(3). Credit card companies(4) would have to cease providing services to the store. Local newspapers would no longer be allowed to place ads for the video store(5). And to make sure it all happens, any person or organization who doesn’t do this is subject to penalties(6). Even publishing a newsletter that tells people where the store is would be prohibited by this legislation(7). [Source]

Many things that happen on internet are illegal, but then instead of just questioning them we should try to see if something is wrong with our laws.

SOPA claims to prevent piracy, but is piracy really a problem? All evidence suggests that piracy has not caused any loss of the original owners of the content. For example, most pirated films are never the blockbusters.

Star Wars Revenge of the Sith was one of the most awaited movies of it’s time and also happened to be one of my favorite. It will take anyone less than 5 minutes to find it’s illegal copy on internet despite that it remains the maximum sold DVD on Amazon.

More such examples can be shown that piracy is not really such big problem that needs such radical laws. I know nothing about American law making process but based on bias I wonder if this legislation is backed by non technology companies who want to gag the technology companies which seem to have much better future in the new world.

Until few years the largest companies in the world were unquestionably the Oil companies. They still continue to dominate that space but Apple is currently the number one. More and more technology companies are entering this top space pushing oil and other companies down. As these companies grow, they will have more control over government and other companies will tend to lose their hold. Technology companies can survive even if government is not really ready to help them grow and maintain monopolies, in fact technology companies generall see leap in growth through disruptive changes in the market. Take example of iPhone and iPad. They dont need government to keep their business running.

Other companies however want government as their sleeping partner everywhere. Banks, Infrastructure companies, Oil companies can increase their profits by just letting government change some decisions. As technology companies tend to influence government decisions this may not happen that easily for them.

Of course this theory comes from someone who knows nothing about America and how it functions so dont take it seriously. The unquestionable point however is that SOPA is bad for internet and as a consequence of it bad for every one of us.


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