SOPA Protests

For someone like me who lives on internet more than real life, for someone how has got more friends on Facebook than in real-life; certainly SOPA had my attention long before other began to hear that word. Hackers community in United States has been protesting this legislation for a long time.

Now that wikipedia was blacked out I am sure even ordinary people must have started thinking about the whole thing.

I was more then overwhelmed with the protests. The scale was simply too much. When Google, yahoo , IBM, Facebook come together to do something you should realize that it is a force to reckon with. It is likely that US legislators will bend before this.

However in Indian context I dont think such protests will have much meaning at least in the present times. The main reason in on 9% of India’s population has used internet. So for all those who are on internet a protest like this will matter but when it comes to ballot box it will prove useless. My hypothesis will be proven during the upcoming elections in UP and Goa. While a vocal minority on internet showed so much concern about corruption the general population is likely to vote the corrupt men in again.


4 thoughts on “SOPA Protests

  1. This law will adversely affect almost all the website which host user generated content including blogs, social networking sites, forums, mail groups and so on.

    Stackoverflow is a website that hosts QnA for various specializations including mathematics, astronomy, programming and so on.

    Please read following answer as to how this new law will adversly affect even an harmless site like Stackoverflow.

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