To or not to vote

It doesn’t matter whether you like gravitational force or not, it continues to act on you. It doesn’t matter what you want “g” to be, it is determined by the earth’s mass. Now, are you going to sit idle because it acts against your wish or are you going to see how you can work around it ? Sitting idle is not a choice.

Undoubtedly the political situation in the country today is far from desirable and it is perfectly correct to say that give an constituency the probability that there will be an ideal candidate is very less. Everyone seems to be corrupt and there is no really choice. However, not voting is purely escapism, stupidity and sign of impotence. Certainly, your one vote doesn’t make hell lot of difference. There is a huge crowd of retarded people who are going to elect that wrong candidate any ways.

Understand that all those corrupt candidates are pretty ordinary people with no special abilities and intelligence. Anyone who cheats has an obvious advantage over the honest opponent which hide his other shortcomings. Today we are in a situation where these people differ only by the extent to which they are willing to cheat. What lies at the heart of their endeavor is their ambition for power. They will do anything to stay in power. Now what that anything “anything” means depends on the electorate. Currently, the candidate has no incentive to be honest. His winning is directly proportional to the amount of money he is willing to spend.

Those people who are not willing to sell their vote, who have certain clear cut expectations from their candidate must first tell all candidates that they ARE going to vote and they are going to vote for the candidate who supports their demands. If the candidate does not fulfill the promises you must also make it clear that next time he wont get your vote. But then whom do you vote for ? What if no candidate supports your demands ? What if all support your demand but you dont trust any one of them to full fill it ? The answer to this question is very simple. It doesn’t actually matter whom do you vote for. In case you are not sure just go to the booth and vote for a random candidate. At least this random voting is better than no voting at all.

You might wonder how that changes anything. My argument is that it does.

Let us understand the argument via a simplistic example. Consider an island with 5 people. A and B are candidates who are same in all respect. Candidate A has bought other two voters and is going to the win the election (that’s the general perception). Now you are C who is honest.

You argue that since B is going to win the election any ways it makes not sense to vote, because A too is not some honest guy worthy of your vote. You tell everyone that you are not going to vote. A might be an underdog but he too is ambitious, the only choice he has left now is to lure the other two retarded voters. He can do that only if he pays them more than B. This leads to some kind of race. The two retards earn more in process. Now no matter who wins the election they have to recover this money. They recover it from you via taxes.You withdrawing from election has left the candidates very little choice. Say B pays Rs 1 to each candidate for his vote, total of Rs 2 which he recovers from you when he wins. Now A in desperation promises Rs 2 to each voter that is total of  Rs 4. B being richer increases it to Rs 4 per voter that is total expense of Rs 8. A backs out, B wins the election and recovers this Rs 8 from you.

Now consider a case where you say you are going to vote. Even though you are in minority, A sees you as an opportunity. May be out of pretense he comes to you and says he doesn’t want to buy your vote and will fulfill all your promises (which you are sure he wont). Now to win the election A has to buy only one vote from B instead of two. He can offer Rs 4 to one of the voters. Since B can not exceed the limit of Rs 4 per voter and since he cant buy you he loses the election. What if B increases the bid ? B does not have infinite wealth and there is a limit to how much he can recover from you hence there is point where it becomes financially in-viable for him. He also discovers that though he is spending a lot of money, his opponent A is spending very little and still has higher chances to win the election. B learns that if he has to remain profitable he should woo you. He comes to your door promising you that he will deliver whatever you say.

What if both A and B dont turn up to you ? You still decide to vote. On election day you vote randomly. Say you vote for A. A suddenly realizes that by spending Rs0.00 he won half the votes. So if he has spend Rs 2 he could have won the election easily, that’s his lesson for next elections. B acknowledges your issues as worth noticing. If you end up voting for B in your random choice, B realizes that that he spend Rs 2 extra.

To make the long story short, when you vote, you get recognized as part of some vote-bank. While your vote-bank might be miniscule, no candidate will make a mistake of ignoring it as long as you vote. The fact that you dont expect money or similar things in return make it a lot more valuable proposition for all the candidates.

While it may not matter whom you vote, keeping your demands before the candidate and making enough noise about it to make them believe that they can influence you is very important.



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