Bridges of Madison County!

The title of this movie is borrowed from Clint Eastwood’s movie. Like most of his movie its is very slow. A photographer on national geographic assignment arrives in small town. He meets a housewife who is currently alone in house because the children and husband is away for some reason. In a day or two they befriend and the relationship goes a little farther than that (thats another way of saying, in Sheldon Cooper’s words ‘they had coitus’). The whole thing is revealed to the children of this lady when they read her diary after she is dead.

Obviously movie if for the old school people like me. But honestly, the theme of the movie is very close to my heart. Ripples in otherwise clam water, some things that are with you and with you alone, those moments which you shared with your own self.

Recently a Hindi movie tried to explore similar concept. It was a well made movie. I love this song from the movie.


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