Goon in the clothes of a priest ?

Jesus Christ is generally associated with the feeling of compassion. (How appropriate is that is a different issue) The church and their human resource (Priests and Nuns) claim that they spread their message. Looking at what the priest did in Vellim it appears that the message that they are conveying is of violence and insolence.

A priest who can beat up law enforcement officers for the sake of his own ego, crowd that care little about law and will go to the extent of murder just because the police asked few questions to the priest and the representative of people who asks that the police be suspended for asking questions the to father. All this is a recipe for disaster for Goa.

Goa is not some christian land where the priest and the church can be held above the law. Ideally the government should now handcuff that priest and put him behind the bars and let the church taste the might of the state. If it hurts religious sentiments of some people, let them learn to live with it.

That is unlikely to happen because our politicians want this christian vote-bank to vote for them.

This is a good lesson for the secular and Hindu public in the state. It sends a message.


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