The only moment we live

Purushottam Laxman Deshpande is probably the most loved Marathi author. His book of character sketches was “Vyakti ani Valli” (People and Traits) . Now this books had character sketches of some apparently ordinary people he encountered in his life. Of course not necessarily those were real people, but those were the kind of people we meet every day. A village school master, a history freak uncle, a bookworm student, a cynical old man in village and so on. Each of these characters became legends in Marathi literature. Deshpande was blessed with an extraordinary sense of observation and by showing us the extraordinary in these ordinary characters he made those characters immortal.

One of the character in that book was of a wrestler. A man who lived as a spot boy moving chairs and serving tea to other people. However once upon a time, this man had won one of the most prestigious wrestling competition organized by a king and he was a hero. To every soul he narrates that story with every possible detail. That one moment was the best in his life and with the help of that one moment of success he has been living his mundane life without complaining.

In the end PuLa makes a statement. He says that moment of victory was the only moment he lived rest was just a baggage he carried for the sake of that one moment. He does not say this to demean the man but to honor him. Many of us live without any such moment in life.

Here is one you-tube video.  I dont know if it was stage or whatever and I am not familiar with the show. But assuming it is true I would say this the moment where this 47 year old lady truely lived rest of life is immaterial.

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