The regional plan of Goa

Some how the fetish Goan’s have for farm land is beyond me. People seem to oppose land conversion from agricultural to settlement. What the fuck are people going to do with agricultural land ? Farming ?

Agriculture is the worst possible profession for Goans. People need to maintain a certain income level to live happily. In Goa land will always be a limited resource and hence there will be a hard limit on total amount of money that can be generated through agriculture. For agriculture to be profitable it will have to be controlled by very few people. Which means other vast population wont have much space to live on which will result into inflation of residential place.

The worse side effect of this is corruption. If we don’t provide enough land for settlement zone, whatever little land is out there is going to be expensive. So average person will pay from his nose, many times Goans wont be able to afford housing and more and more outsiders will purchase property in Goa. Builders will buy agricultural property at throw away price from the already poor farmer, use their connections in government and get a NA (non-agricultural conversion permission) and earn exorbitant profits.

Human development parameters including health and education cant go up unless you develop economically. The correlation between HDI and economic development is not purely coincidental. Economic development can not achieved unless you plan for it. You cant have both a tranquil rural atmosphere and a super-specialty hospital, multiplex and engineering college in the same region. Well you can have it if you are living in Texas where a single farmer is managing 100 acre of farm land with the help of advanced machinery and where population density is abysmal.

In case of Goa, the only way we can have a good life is by urbanization. Which means we need to grow vertically as well as horizontally. We need to have broader roads, good public transport, strategically placed industrial zones and better planning of resources like food and water. If we dont do it now it will be too late.

I might be wrong here.  I understand that people are deeply sentimental about land and agriculture but I dont they really have choice.



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