Guns and Rapes

The amount of rape cases that are reported on news channels leave me in a chill. Either media exaggerates these cases or our society is actually very unsafe for women. May be such crimes happened in past as well but they were not reported or because now a days women can get out of the house more the crimes have increased.

More than the crimes, the response of the administration is what leaves me with nausea. Some governments puts a ban on women working beyond 8pm and somewhere the police blames the clothes. Mostly it is looked upon as the victim’s fault.

I think there is simple solution. Government should encourage gun ownership and use. The laws for gun ownership must be relaxed, shooting ranges must be built everywhere and ordinary citizens must be taught to use guns. Yes, this will result ins some deaths but statistically speaking few random deaths are much more acceptable than these rapes. A few hundred may die every year because of this new policy but then the resistance that a criminal would expect in his misadventure will be much much greater. This will reduce the crimes by a drastic rate.

Also, this will reduce the demand for guns in black market. If guns are easily available in open market then people including criminals will buy those at much cheaper rates. This will make tracking o crimes much simpler than usual.



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