Things worth being proud

Karate Kid move series (the old one) are some of my all time favorite movies. I happen to watch it every now and then.

One scene that really moves me each time I watch is as follows.

Mr. Miyagi is a Japanese American and a war veteran. He is training Daniel. Over time they develop a wonderful relationship of a teacher and pupil. Mr. Miyagi gives some great gifts to Daniel and Daniel is looking forward to return the favor. One day coincidentally Daniel stumbles upon a medal in Mr. Miyagi’s house. It is a bravery medal that Mr. Miyagi has received. Daniel makes a beautiful wooden box for it and gifts Mr. Miyagi.

Mr. Miyagi asks Daniel what he should do with the box. Daniel says he should hag it on his wall with the medal in it. Miyagi asks WHY? Confused Daniel says because it is a great honor. “This medal says you are very brave. ” says Daniel.

Mr. Miyagi points a finger to his head and heart and says “Brave is here and here. It is not here (pointing to the medal). This only says I was lucky”.

Those words are so beautiful and applicable to many things in life.

A college degree does not say you are intelligent or qualified. It says you are lucky. What is in your brain and heart defines your qualification.

Praise by other dont make you a good person. It means you were lucky enough to hide the bad sides of your character.

If we learn this simple rule, we are more likely to be less proud about our achievements which are mostly due to luck and try hard to prove ourselves in other ways.

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