After NIT it’s Mopa

Sometimes I think there is a sadist hidden in my heart. Now Goans are opposing Mopa Airport on various pretexts and I feel less outraged and more relaxed. I just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

We are a society of hypocrites. So is almost every society in some or more degree but in our case this hypocrisy is lot more damaging. We litter our public places, we never bother to throw garbage in the bin but we throw it anywhere near the bin. We are not so bothered with our fellow brothers and sisters defecating on open land but when it comes to some development project suddenly the environmentalist in our heart comes out the way Narsimha is told to have come out of a lifeless pillar, and just like that Avatar of Vishnu we mercilessly kill the project.

Stupidity is a much common trait in our society. This must be attributed to lack of freedom, useless education system and lack of enlightened leaders. Somehow we Goans live in some fantasy land where idea of good life is where every man wakes up at 4 am and picks up his plough and goes to field to earn his daily bread. This fetish has become a cancer that is not letting any development project find a foothold in the society. I use to think that this is actually a ploy of few leaders who see their own benefit in halting such projects. After the mindless opposition to NIT in my village I realized it is just the stupidity and utter misguided selfishness of the people. Ironically it is the exact same trait that keeps them poor.

In case of our village a large portion of communidade (roughly a community organization who holds massive amount of land in the state.) was encroached illegally by many people in the village. The people heading this organization were either incompetent or corrupt and did not bother to move to the court. Well, I guess that would not have helped either because our government is took weak to implement the law. It would have rather given up the land to these people. When the project of NIT appeared on radar these people felt threatened. They opposed it and had their way.

Many people told my father that he is selfish, that just because his son is highly educated he is supporting such ‘dreadful’ project destined to kill the calm life of the village. The fact is I will be lot more happy if my village does not develop and remain the way it is because I am not going to live there. I am likely to leave for united states. I will have a better quality of life there. However, when I return to Goa I will always like my village to be an ordinary place devoid of any city like facilities. That way I get best of the both worlds. It is the residents of the village who will benefit from the project like this.

Most people fail to understand that we live in a world where economy is very complex. Change is everything here and to succeed in it, you need to get adapted to this change. Unfortunately there is no option to success here. It is all binary, either you succeed or you perish.

Goa had an edge in many ways because of the Portuguese rule and it;s small geography. However bad the Portuguese might be, as far as governance and infrastructure is concerned they had their European vision. Sadly for us we are retrogressive. We want to go back in time and live just like the way our grandfathers lived.

When I go back to my village I meet elders who tell me about importance of staying back in village and looking after the ancestral home. They say that this is our culture, you should stay here. If not for property at least for the sake of Gods in your house. Breaking the religious traditions in your house will make you profoundly unhappy wherever you will be they tell me. Ironically most of them have their children all across the country and world. Many people advised my father that he should not let me study further because more the person studies farther he goes from home. That was  their argument.

Well, I am not concerned about the advices they give me bu their mentality. I am an independent person capable of making my own decisions even if I have to go against the entire society. I dont give a damn to society, religion or the non existent God for that matter. But not everyone is like me, there are many kids who deserve a better future. They need to break free from these ridiculous bonds and fly free. I might have secured my own future but what about those less fortunate ones ? I feel sad for them.

Flying free does not necessarily mean breaking your roots. Roots is not geography and roots are not about material. Roots refer to values. Let us remember that we come from a culture that laid an immense emphasis on immigration, travel and give and take from other cultures and places.

To come back to the opening paragraph, I said I was a sadist. The reason is each time I see my state people opposing a potentially good project under pretexts of culture and nature, I see that they are pushing themselves into a hell hole which has got nothing but abject poverty, supine culture and eventually extinction. Societies which get into this kind of self destruction mode start relying onto state more than the necessary. In case of Goa it is clearly visible. The recent BJP government has already announced plethora of dole schemes. Also the many people are demanding some kind of special status for Goa. I am not sure what that special status means but it is a symptom that as a society we want to isolate ourselves from whatever is happening outside and seek protection from state. I often feel that I should only enjoy this show. I should only enjoy these people perishing because they deserved it.

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