A small lesson

Never argue with stupid people because they will bring you down to their level and then beat you at what they are best. – Mark Twain

One thing I have learned from little experiences in my life is that whenever you meet a new person you should figure out where he fits into your scheme of things and how much importance and time you should give to that person. I am a bit baffled to see my friend arguing endlessly with a Rickshaw driver for Rs 1 but meekly go to office on weekends because their manager wanted them to. If you work on weekend for your company you are wasting Rs (your monthly salary)/30. That figure for one day is likely to be more than what you spend on Rickshaw in an entire year.

I personally have found that it is much more fun and worthwhile to argue with your Prof. and tell him that he is wrong or you dont buy his arguments or argue with your boss and refuse to do what you are not supposed to do then to argue with people who dont matter in life. Some people deliberately engage you in argument just to prove themselves smarter, rather than you trying to clear their doubts it is better to leave them to live with that misconception. It is more fun that way.

I recently happened to visit an old friend of mine. For whatever reason my friend’s father was a bit hostile to me. First he asked me what I do, I said I am studying in Mumbai. My friend commented IIT Bombay. So he was prompt to say that IIT Bombay has reservation for Maharastrians and Goans. I guess he kind a wanted to put me down, though I cant imagine why. I said that is not the case. These are central universities and have no reservation based on locality. He was not ready to listen, he said IIT is just like Goa Engineering College. They are reserved for those states. I know better than you is what he added in the end.

I only returned a smile and my friend was a bit ashamed because of his father’s ignorance.

The point here is that the person was not interested in facts, his main objective was to put me down. So it was futile to engage him at intellectual level, on the other hand I had nothing to gain from enlightening him about our education system. He was not worth it.

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